It’s ALIVE!!!

On life support, but alive. As part of my genealogy reboot (part of the Genealogy Do-Over being led by the ever-wise Thomas MacEntee), I’m bringing back my blog to document what I’m doing. In time it will be redesigned and be FABULOUS. For now, it’s just straight out of the box. At least I can say the design is “clean”.*

Week 1 – What the heck?! Week 1 already??  OooooooK…

Not as far along as many but this is a work at your own pace exercise. And hey – after two weeks of vacation for childrens I managed to get them off to school this morning with clean clothes AND remembered to send lunch money – WIN! Plus got my own self into work and even mostly pulled together.

Setting Previous Research Aside

Easy Breezy. Created a new folder in my Dropbox – Genealogy 2014. All digital holdings remain in the original “Genealogy” folder. What about all the paper? Well, notebooks and the boxes of “genealogy to sort” are buried behind the boxes of Christmas ornaments and way too much other stuff. When I get methods in place and I’m ready to start entering data again, I’ll go hunting for the important records but for now, inaccessible.

Preparing to Research

I’m looking to keep it simple tech-wise with minimal programs I’ll be using: Excel, FTM, and text files. Word and layout programs when I get to the point of writing stuff out, but I don’t consider that part of the research and documentation – that’s an output. My reference books (including Evidence Explained) is in one of the dreaded “boxes to sort” mentioned earlier so I’ll be digging that out at some point.

And oh yea, have also added “sleep” as something I want to do this year.

Establishing Base Practices and Guidelines

Going to spend more time on this one so nothing to see here yet. I have some ideas based on what others are posting, but this is an important step IMO – not something to just cut-and-paste in.


That’s it for now – calling it good. There is that whole “sleep” thing I’m trying to do now too.

*ps – yea, previewed this before hitting post and yikes from a design standpoint. But design improvements will just have to go on the “to do” list. See, already I’m better about not chasing rabbits with shiny objects.